December 2006

Performance: 10 December 2006
Venue TBC
Malmö, Sweden
Stefan Österjö
and Terje Thiwång
Agustín Fernández: A to Z

Performance: 5 December 2006
Stefan Österjö
and Terje Thiwång
Nybrokajen 11
Agustín Fernández: A to Z

The work is a series of studies for two musicians, one playing charango or ten-string guitar, the other playing flute or piccolo or alto flute. It has been performed before in growing degrees of completion, as these two fantastic musicians kept accepting the new studies I've been sending their way. The one on 5 December will be the first full performance. The complete piece lasts eighteen to twenty minutes.


bill kilpatrick said...

greetings from italy - i'm very interested in this charango piece - has it been recorded? regards - bill

Agustín Fernández said...

Hello Bill,

A to Z hasn't been recorded yet, but another charango piece, Wounded Angel, has been recorded twice. Please see the details under List of works.

Keep well,


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