17 March 2018

Digital distribution by Filarmonika

Many of my hitherto unpublished works are in the process of being made available for digital distribution by Filarmonika.com. This means that those interested in browsing my work will be able to access a preview of the score and, in many cases, a snippet of audio. Those interested in acquiring the work will be able to order it online, much more economically than if they were to purchase a hard copy from one of the conventional publishers. If a hard copy is still desired, this can be requested from Filarmonika too. 
This development is part of a new initiative by Filarmonika which was launched in February 2018. Their catalogue contains a range of music by a number of composers of Latin American origin. Some of them live in their native countries; others are based in the USA or in Europe. You could regard this as an extension of South American Discoveries, the project led by Miguel Harth Bedoya (Filarmonika's founder). The eight works in this CD, recorded by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and released by Harmonia Mundi in 2016, are a representative sample of the orchestral component of Filarmonika's catalogue. But there is plenty more in it that is not orchestral. Do take a look

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