06 March 2014

After New York

The Momenta Quartet's performance was impressive indeed.

I greatly admired the commitment and the intensity of their rendition. Each of the four individuals showed command of their part and their role in this challenging piece. The succession of solos in the second movement Plegaria was an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of their personalities and the discipline with which they integrate into a cohesive whole. The finale was an opportunity to appreciate their tightness even in the most frenzied passages. They are a truly professional string quartet, and one of the most thrilling groups I have every worked with.

The audience was appreciative. It included some people I had long known and admired, such as the composer Ezequiel Viñao, and some people I was privileged to meet for the first time, such as the clarinetist Camila Barrientos Ossio. I am grateful for their interest and support.

Photo by Camila Barrientos Ossio

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